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Coin album S with 10 sheets for 60 big coins up to Ø48mm (Code: AS60BLCK)

Album S Best choice for small collection
  • Includes 10 coin sheets with 6 pockets on each page: 2.17" X 2.17" (55mm x 55mm)
  • For big coins up to 1.89" (48mm) Diameter: 5 coins, casino & poker chips, challenge coins, geocaching coins, small medals
  • Possibility to insert more different pages
  • Album 2-ring binder Model Size S: 7.28" X 5.70" X 0.78" (185mm x 145mm x 20mm)
Will fit mix coin size

Pockets suitable for the big coins

The pockets on the sheets will hold any coins or tokens up to 1.89 " (48mm) in diameter, depending on its thickness. Pockets with flap 2.17" x 2.17" (55x55mm). Sheet size: 5" (127mm) x 6.65" (169mm). These pockets are suitable for £5 coins, Casino & Poker chips, Challenge coins, Geocaching coins, Small medals, coin capsules and other up to 1.89" in diameter.
Special sheets

Special sheets

Album contains 10 sheets for coins. Sheets made with special "orange peel" structure, it prevents the layers from sticking together. High-quality materials are not exposed to mechanical damage, as ordinary sheets are. Collector's album S dimensions: 5.71" (145mm) x 7.28" (185mm)
Blue reinforced stripe

Blue reinforced stripe

The blue stripe on the edge of the sheet additionally strengthens the sheet and it is not deformed in the album under the weight of the contents. S size sheets comes in-blue colour stripes, this will help you easily determine if this page is suitable for this album. Due to the D-type binding, the sheets can be inserted and removed in any order. Thanks to this, you can compose an album in the way it is most convenient for you.
Mark it & Sign It

Transparent pocket with index card

Internal ransparent pocket: inside of the album's cover, will allows to sign the content. Also you will find index card where you can add your notes.
Album S Best choice for small collection

Album S Best choice for small collection

Handy and capacious album S from "PELLER'S" collection is made of a material that similar to the structure of natural leather. Due to the D-type fastening for sheets with two holes, the sheets might be inserted or removed in any order. Also, for such album you can buy various types of sheets additionally. Sheets for the album model S are marked by blue stripe on the edge, which makes easy to find and select pages, which are suitable for this model of album.
Album will be good for
This album will be perfect for:
  • Big British Pounds coins: £5
  • Casino & Poker chips
  • Challenge coins
  • Small medals
  • Coin capsules
PELLER'S Albums Made in EU

Made in Europe

Our albums and it’s accessories are designed and produced in Europe. Thus, we can guarantee quality and safety for you, your family, and the collection which PELLER'S products was created for.
PELLER'S Albums Made in EU

Phthalate & Acid free

To ensure safety for you, your family and your collection, PELLER'S products are made from certified materials. The page material does not contain hazardous phthalic acid used as a plasticizer in the production of plastic.
PELLER'S Albums Made in EU

Extra durable

For the production of this product, used high-quality materials that increase durability. Each product passes quality control before it arrived to you.
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